The bloggers



Revolutions are characterized by its rebels, and social movements by its agents, and we will try in this paper to address the bloggers as a class that are in the spotlight of social movements, through their documentation and scandalization of the crimes and violations committed by the regime, their opposition to the policy of  censorship before the revolution, or through their opposition to unfair legislation after the revolution. Starting from the idea that they are the new actors as in the virtual space – social networking sites – and from their impact on the daily reality, the paradox of being at one a blogger and influencer emanates from  the most developed and widespread communication mechanisms in the history of mankind. Bloggers are active in a political and historical course in the context of social developments that they have witnessed. Where are the revolutionaries of yesterday? Have the images of revolutionaries, protesters who speak with loud voices in demonstrations and rallies been replaced by masks and virtual images that hide the influential revolutionaries and social movements through their “blogging”?


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