(Français) Crise de l’eau dans la région de Kairouan et tendances futures




The right to a decent life  It is associated with a number of guarantees, such as the right to have access to drinking water, which was stipulated in article 44 of the Tunisian Constitution of 2014. This article gives importance to the water crisis in the Kairouan region, which has started since the revolution to increase in recent times, and the inhabitants are unable to bear the situation. On the basis of a qualitative study and the Focus-Group technique, we try to clarify the reality of water in Kairouan, until we reach an understanding of the reality of the lack of drinking water and the causes of this crisis, by elucidating the effects of this dangerous situation on the population in the study region and in Tunisia as a whole. Our study has shown that despite the abundance of water resources, the region suffers from a serious shortage of drinking water. This situation will become more urgent with increasing population, various climatic events and poor distribution of water, in a way that will turn thirst into a daily reality, which will cause a social explosion if the state and citizens do not take solutions that take into account the environment and the water needs of the population so as to guarantee social security and peace.


Key words: right, survival, water crisis, social explosion, environment


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