(Français) De la Rue à la mer : Les nouvelles politiques de l’informel en Tunisie



From the street to the sea: The new politics of the informal sector in Tunisia

By: Soufiane Jaballah

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights

May 2024



This policy paper scrutinizes the newly established Tunisian policy post-July
25, 2021, with a focus on its security-centric approach towards informal
street economy and informal migration. This sociological analysis highlights
a starkly security-oriented orientation that marks a significant turning point
in managing these crucial social and economic phenomena affecting large
segments of the Tunisian population.

The seizure of power by President Kais Saied on July 25, 2021, initiated a
period of profound political transformation in Tunisia. The approach taken
by the new regime towards the informal street economy and informal
migration is characterized by efforts to eradicate rather than regulate or
integrate these activities into the formal economy. This radical policy is part
of a “strategic partnership” with the European Union, signed on July 16,
2023, which primarily aims to combat irregular migration and provide
economic support to Tunisia amidst severe economic challenges.

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