photographic exhibition entitled “Images that Restore Voices”


Call for Photos

As part of the Forum on Food Sovereignty and Climate – 14/18 October 2020 in Sidi Bouzid – organized by OSAE, FTDES and Nomad08, we are preparing a photographic exhibition entitled Images that Restore Voices dedicated to the Forum’s themes: peasants and peasant conditions, food dependency, social, economic and ecological rights, natural resources and climate change.

The exhibition is open to everyone without preconditions. Participation is completely free.

To Participate

  • Confirmed or budding photographers can submit up to three photos, in Black and White or Color, depending on their choice.
  • Photos can be taken with digital or analog cameras (in the latter case, the photographer will turn them into digital format), with mobile phones or any other appropriate means.
  • The photographs and the registration form (see below) must be inserted in a single compressed file. zip, named as <first name>_<last name>. zip (as salah_Borji.Zip), and sent to the email address with the subject “Photo Contest” before September 15th, 2020. Participants will receive a materials’ reception confirmation via e-mail. 

Registration form :




Technical information required

The photos sent must be :

  • In relation to the overall Forsac theme and belong to the candidate.

  • Original, not awarded in other exhibitions or copyrighted

  • In electronic format title.jpg ;

  • Titled, captioned, dated and located

  • In Black and White or Color, depending on the photographer’s choice.

  • 300 DPI resolution, not to exceed 10 MB;

  • Without Boxes

  • Accompanied by a specific description.

Photographs that violate the dignity of persons or social groups directly or indirectly represented will automatically be excluded. In such a situation, bidders will be prohibited from participating.

Our selection committee will carefully review all applications and announce the results of the selection no later than September 25, 2020.

Audience Award

An audience prize of symbolic value will be awarded to the three “best” photos. The public can vote throughout the entire duration of the exhibition. Votes will be “counted” publicly on the last day of the show.

Are you passionate about free and engaged cinema? Are you interested in the rural world, the peasantry, food issues, the environment, biodiversity, natural resources? Are you worried about climate change? Are you revolted by/against injustices and social, ecological and economic inequalities? Do you believe in corporate meetings and debates as a means to change things? Do you believe that another world is possible and even essential?

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