No to opinion trials, no to police arbitrariness

No to opinion trials, no to police arbitrariness
The pace of unfair trials and arbitrary arrests of activists, bloggers, journalists and the general public, whose only wrong is to have criticized the authority by expressing their opinions through the media or social networks such as Facebook , accelerated.
The interrogations in front of the security teams on satirical messages, images or songs focused on criticism of the politics of power and its symbols, like the President of the Republic.
It is important that the organizations and youth movements that have signed this declaration express their strong condemnation of the recent campaign of arrests and trials in which the minimum standards of a fair trial were absent, in addition to being trials of opinions and positions in flagrant violation of the constitution, laws and international treaties.
Most of the trials proceeded according to the infamous Decree 54, which, by promulgating and using it, demonstrates the intentions of the authority to restrict freedoms, in particular the freedom of opinion, of the press and of expression, and to threaten citizens and anyone who criticizes the authority and its policies, regardless of its position, with lawsuits.
The organizations and youth movements, signatories here, renew their call for the immediate withdrawal of decree 54, hostile to freedoms and the cessation of opinion trials. Moreover, they denounce police abuses and the frequent arrests of citizens, men and women, simply for expressing their opinions, and warn against the danger of the omnipresence of the security apparatus and of censorship and harassment practiced on consciences, with the manifest complicity of the judiciary.
The signatories also call for a break with the policy of silencing voices and restricting the right of citizens to express their opinions in any way, and express their willingness to defend them, victims of Decree 54 and other repressive laws that the authority employs to oppress freedoms, prosecute opinions, ideas and any dissenting voices.