The industrial private sector in Tunisia and the “social question” since 2011



This article focuses on the links between workers of the industrial private sector in Tunisia and the “social question” since 2011. While studying recent labour mobilizations in two different factories, this paper tries to describe and analyze the manners, opportunities and constraints of protest related to the social environment of the downscale trade unionism. On the other hand, by analyzing the “moral economy” of these protests, the paper tries to demonstrate how these mobilizations are rather conceived to negotiate social domination than to overthrow it. The paper is based on a qualitative fieldwork that has taken place in two factories situated in the region of Manouba of the Great Tunis. The fieldwork has been led for a PhD thesis in political sociology about the domination mechanisms and the protest dynamics related to labour in Tunisia after 2011. The material was collected thanks to a qualitative ethnographic approach.

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