Amal Hazel


Abstract :

The Tunisian government insists on the fact that the Covid epidemic is the same everywhere and that we bear the same responsibility and have the same strategies to defeat it. However, the situation is different; this virus is not the same everywhere. Therefore, claiming that it is the same everywhere is a huge mistake. Social inequalities in Tunisia have been prolonging a public dispute lately. Poor people and citizens with low incomes and small wages will be affected by the Covid more than others. And the problem is that we lack means and tools of protection and not everyone can afford to buy a mask.

In Tunisia, cleaning staff and workers are the ones that participated in fighting the Covid epidemic as they work hard in hospitals and medical institutions. They were at risk of catching the virus because of the nature of their job. In this research field, these are extracts from the Tunisian Forum of the Economic and Social Rights.

This research aims at comprehending the effects of the pandemic on middle class and poor workers and social groups. And to study profoundly the situation of cleaning staff and workers during their shifts at hospitals in this exceptional moment of history.


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