Women working in the stealing fields at the time of Corona



        The revolution paths have not changed the situation of women workers in the agriculture sector radically. Rather, we believe that it has brought to light all the historical and symbolic conditions that charactherize it and describe the work system of this social group on farms, it pushed their cause into discussion tables and placed in the form of protest literature and the sociological of the collective action in Tunisia, and we are studying the situation of this hard workers in a context dominated by Covid-19 virus. Trying to reveal the structure of domination praticed on them and the effects of quarantine in their relationships with their family surroungings and their position in government policies. We are interested in examining the role of the patriarchal and masculine domination in the persecution of female agricultural workers as well as the soclogical, class and psychlogical effects of such persecution especially in a current period of tension due to coronavirus. Armed with some theoretical gains of gender studies and masculinity studies to follow up on previous efforts but from a different perspective.