Prospective migrants and German Language Students in Tunis The dynamics of regular migration from Tunisia to Germany after the Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz of March 1, 2020


Study prepared by: Marie Schneider

Migration from Tunisia to Germany is no new phenomenon. After being part of the guest worker scheme in the 1960s, Tunisian migrants are now part of a new trend and legislature. The new laws set the ground for increasingly selective migration to Germany, the latest example being the Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz of March 1, 2020. While all migrants are affected by these legal changes, it is the migrant population that is able to regularly migrate to Germany after these changes that is at the focus of the following study.
One way to access this population is via German language schools, as all Tunisian migrants moving to Germany need to provide a certain level of the German language. Via a survey and interviews, the following research provides insights regarding the demographics of these future migrants, their hopes and insecurities. Secondly, this research attempts to answer questions regarding the dynamics behind German language teaching in Tunis. Both parts of the research are rooted in relatively little sample sizes and should be considered groundwork for future studies rather than definitive results or facts.


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