The Situation of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Region of Medenine D. Naima Fekih


The Situation of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Region of Medenine


D. Naima Fekih

Based on his experience and knowledge of the Migrants’ rights, The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Right assigned us to prepare this research paper about the situation of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the region of Medenine. The research was edited in October 2019, following a field visit to the area in September 11th and 12th 2019, during which we examined the situation and conducted a qualitative survey with the different parties involved with the arrivals. Interviews were carried out with the governor of Medenine, representatives of humanitarian associations and human rights organizations such as the IOM, the UNHCR, and the Tunisian Council for Refugees, the Red Crescent and the Arab Institute for Human Rights[1]. We also interviewed a number of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers using the Focus Group technique to better understand their situation and know more about their living conditions in the reception centers and with the local community. This work aims to find an answer to the different raised questions and to provide the Tunisian forum for Economic and Social Rights with information about the migration context that is generating a lot of controversy because of the arrivals’ suffering and the inability of the region to provide the necessary services despite the involvement of many parties. The collected information is highly important and will be helpful for local and national authorities as well as for national and international civil society organizations, which is why we presented some recommendations that would support the rights of migrants and contribute in the improvement of their situation and support the region of Medenine to cope with the crisis.

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