Gender-based violence in Tunisia



This article aims to raise awareness of the issue of gender-based violence in Tunisia. Through data and testimonies gathered during our missions as social assistant and member of the civil society, and our interventions for the women victims of violence within the Framework of our work within a cell of listening. Our goal is to shed light on the state’s legal procedures and civil society initiatives to deal with gender-based violence, and to see how far these approaches help to reduce the phenomenon being studied.

In other words, what is the meaning of this violence? Is it the simple faults committed by the man during his communication with the woman or is It a disruption in the process of socialization or is it a sign of the genesis of a system of modern dialogue with the woman? a real reaction especially with the promotion of the status of women and the improvement of their rights after the revolution? Is the coming into force of the Law N58 of July 2017 and the support of women by society enough to deal with gender-based violence?

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