Mohamed Slim Ben Youssef



In this paper, we aim to analyze the reality of the private sector’s labour conflicts in the lockdown period. In a context where social categories are in struggle to share the non-production cost imposed by the requisites of containing the pandemic, unprecedented effects reach the life conditions of those who have nothing but their workforce to guarantee their livelihood. This text aims to explore these effects, but doesn’t ignore the resistance strategies and modes of collective action that are being reconfigured on the lights of the circumstantial constraints that leads to suppose, a priori, an inexistence of organization conditions and thus an impossibility of the revendicative and protest action. The analyze seizes also the social question’s processes of politicization in times of lockdown, which are subject to a “division of the political work” between different engaged actors that intervene, not only in the “publicization” of labour conflicts, but also in their politicization by integrating them in a political debate on the whole economic model. Thus, this paper aims to draw the social question’s zones of politicization during the lockdown period, and that we seize thanks to an interactionist method.

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