The new forms of protests and bothold and new actors



In the diagnosis of what had happened between December 17th, 2010 and January 14th,2011, the process of what has occurred and whatis happening towards what is expected to take place.

In the new forms of protests and bothold and new actors.

In the differencebetween the concepts of campaign and movement.

In the horizontality and youngpeople’smonopoly  in creating a unique way of struggle.

In the search for a situation characterized by fluidity, change and ambiguity.

In all thesetitles, events, dates, ideas and other concepts, thispaper explores a sociological induction that opens the doorto a dialogue about a reality waiting to bewritten about, a writing that goes beyond the apriorism to start from an alternation/entrenchment between interpreting the experiences of the actors and understanding the meaning swhich they give to their actions on the one hand, and the contemporary sociological theories on the other hand , to reach answers ending with questions.

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