Ahmed Sassi



It is conceivable that humanity has been waiting for this pandemic Covid-19 to express what happened from tragic mutations in order to setfree from propagandaandalsoto find out what happened to the collective minds. Disastrous times bring out the worst of people and societies and bring to the surface the

finest too. Societies recovered fromone crisis to another while they were expecting social welfare and world peace. They bragged constantly aboutovercoming religious wars, world wars, typhus, genocides, and ideological conflicts. They believed that the acquisition of technology in a superior globalizedworld would banish these conquests.

Several analysts consider that the policies and programs of governments adopted to cope with covid-19 have greatly differed from oneanother. The variation can beused as a tool to analyze and disentangle these latest social phenomena. However, that does not mean it can unravel its daily struggles without a proper understanding of societies,the pattern of governmental decisions along with national and international research laboratories. Covid-19 has made an impact on individuals and on their standards of living, which resulted in what is called‘after covid-19’. The reality of marginalization in the hood of Tunis that will remain long after recovering from the coronavirus creating an uncertain and unsafe future.

Télécharger (PDF, Unknown)



Télécharger (PDF, Unknown)